EMRI movies

First, a video made by Steve Drasco. This shows a 270 solar mass body spiraling into a 3 million solar mass black hole (with the time scale then compressed so that the inspiral lasts a reasonable amount of time). The orbit is initially highly eccentric (I believe e = 0.7 initially) and it is inclined at 60° to the equatorial plane of the black hole. This black hole has a spin that is 90% of the maximum value (for experts, the Kerr parameter is given by a/M = 0.9).

Peter Reinhardt has made a somewhat slower-paced video that allows us to really see how the wave synchronizes with the particle dynamics. The black hole spin here is 50% of the maximum. (Note that the first frame is blank for some reason, but the video quickly appears when you play.)

Here's the same thing, but now without the waveform included:

(Note that we're having some format issues with videos; if you find glitches, this is probably why. Please let us know if you encounter difficulties.)