Gravitational Wave Visualizations and Audiozations
Click the table entry to view the video. These videos were produced for Prof. Scott Hughes.

The videos come in various versions. Aside from the basic orbital and wobble diagrams of the system, the movies can include
audio and visual representations of the gravitational wave produced by the system, or they can only show the last few moments
of the death spiral. The main video link is full-length and has audio and visual representations. The extra links in the other
columns have the features given for the column.

To download a video, click the video in the table, and then right click - save as the top bar on the mpg player.

Extreme Mass Ratio Basic Wave End
Mass Ratio 1.2x106 [=] [=]  
Binary Systems      
Spins 0.9 & 0.5 [=] [=] [=]
Spins 0.0 & 0.5 [=] [=] [=]
Spins 0.9 & 0.0 [=] [=]