Principal Investigator

Scott A. Hughes

Graduate students

Halston Lim

UROP students

Bidisha Sen
Gustavo Velez


Éanna Flanagan (Cornell University)
Sam Gralla (University of Arizona)
Daniel Holz (University of Chicago)
Gaurav Khanna (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
Richard Price (MIT)
Robert Price (Columbia University)


Joel Franklin (now Professor, Reed College)
Samaya Nissanke (now Assistant Professor, GRAPPA, The University of Amsterdam)
Ilya Mandel (now Professor, University of Birmingham; soon to be Professor, University of Melbourne)
Nicolás Yunes (now Associate Professor, Montana State University)
Niels Warburton (now Royal Society and Science Foundation Ireland Fellow, University College Dublin)

Nathan Collins (now at freelance science writer)
Ryan Lang (now at Hillsdale College)
Leo Stein (now Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi)
Stephen O'Sullivan (now at Ford Motor Research Labs)
Uchupol Ruangsri (now in Thailand, present situation not known)

Anuj Apte (Class of 2019)
Joel Corbo (Class of 2004)
Colin Hill (Class of 2008)
Pei-Lan Hsu (Class of 2005)
Terral Jordan (Class of 2007)
Akash Kansagra (Class of 2004)
Hugo Marrochio (Class of 2011)
Peter Reinhardt (Class of 2012; more content, directly relevant to our group, here)
William Throwe (Class of 2010)
Terrence Torres (Class of 2008)